9 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Wether you’re thinking of selling your home or just want to give your exterior a little re-fresh, these updates are guaranteed to increase your home’s curb appeal. These quick and easy ideas will create a welcoming entrance and increase your homes value at the same time! Be the best looking home on the block with these inexpensive ways to improve your home’s exterior! 

Paint Your Front Door

Painting the exterior of your front door is a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal. Its also a simple way to add some fun character! Go bold with a fun show stopping colour like navy blue, bright red, or yellow. Updating your front door with a fresh coat of paint is a super easy DIY project you can finish in a day.

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Add New Planters To Your Porch

Nothing is more inviting than flowers which is why your front porch should definitely have some! Be the inviting neighbour you’ve always wanted to be by flanking your door with potted flowers. You can also opt for a potted evergreen or topiary. Update your curb appeal with this supper inexpensive trick! Check out the interior of this gorgeous modern farmhouse home here!

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Add A Wreath For Added Curb Appeal

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore! A good wreath can increase your curb appeal and adds an inviting personal touch to your front door. Go for one that reflects your personality and complements your front door paint colour. Wreaths are easy to leave on the door all year long – or switch out seasonally like The Pink Dream has done with her cute peony wreath.

Line Your Home With A Hedge

Nothing is more classic than an evergreen hedge lining the front of your house. A well looked after yard is key to boosting your home’s curb appeal. A classic hedge is something that will set your home apart from the rest. You want your home to stand out (in a good way) when people drive down the block. Check out more stunning before and after yard transformations here.

Create A Clearly Defined Path To The Front Door

Curb appeal is all about creating a visually inviting home. You want people to feel welcome which is why a clearly defined path from the road or driveway to your front door is important. Wether its your friends coming over for a summer BBQ, or the pizza delivery guy on a Friday night – make them feel welcome by establishing a clear path to the front door. Because if theres one thing you don’t want – its people walking across your grass to get inside!

Paint Your House for Increased Curb Appeal

Sometimes you just need an entire exterior overhaul to get your home’s curb appeal up to speed. The good news is you can probably achieve this with a fresh coat of paint! If you’re not convinced check out this post on before and after exterior renovations. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish with a fresh paint job!

Incorporate Seating In Your Front Porch Design

The details of this curb appeal tip all come down to the size of your front porch. Some homes have enough room for an entire outdoor living room, while others can only squeeze in a skinny bench. Whatever size your front porch is, you’ll want to incorporate some seating. It makes guests feel welcome and provides a place for muddy shoes to be taken off. I love driving through a neighbourhood and spotting homes that have seating on the front porch. I imagine the people who live there sipping morning coffee as they great neighbours walking by. Especially in those great rocking chairs! Check out more front patio seating ideas here.

Add A Welcome Mat

One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s curb appeal is to add a welcome mat. So simple right? This front door inspiration shot is from Susan. I’m loving the layering door mats, great way to add detail and depth to your front door!

Update Your Home’s Address Numbers

Updating your home’s house numbers is another really easy way to add some curb appeal. Make it even more personal with an added DIY touch like One Project Closer did with their custom house number sign. Check them out to see how you can make your own!


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