Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces

I recently started to work from home and the adjustment was challenging. Finding space for a home office in my small apartment was a struggle. I know there are lots of people out there in the same boat which is why I put together this inspiring list of home office ideas for small spaces. It’s not ideal to cram a home office in a small space, but small home offices can be functional! I hope these home office ideas inspire you to quit working on the couch and move into your own home office space.

Living Room / Home Office

The key to a successful small apartment living is multifunctional spaces. Like this room we have here, it serves as a living room, dining room, AND a small home office. This room proves that if you have a 30″ wide space, you have enough room for an office! What a great home office idea for small spaces.

Home office idea for small spaces. Little nooks beside the TV is a perfect place for a desk.

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The Walk-In-Closet Small Home Office

This is a great idea for turning unused storage space into a functional home office! If you have a walk-in-closet or a den in your home you can easily turn it into a small home office like this family did! (Lets face it, its probably a storage closet full of junk you don’t even need) Unless you’re really lucky and your walk-in-closet/ soon to be home office has a window – I highly suggest sticking to a light paint color. You can even consider replacing the door with a glass panel door – or removing the door completely. Lets face it, no one wants to be working in a dark dungeon with zero natural light!

Convert a walk-in closet into a home office! Perfect if you don't have enough space for a proper office.

Small Nook Home Office Idea

I just adore this home office nook. The floating desk and corresponding floating shelves paired with a vertical shiplap is just magical. This small home office idea is so good! Every home has at least one awkward nook that can easily be transformed into a tiny home office like this one. Creating a contrasting backdrop, like Marynn did with the vertical shiplap, is vital to creating a defined space and focal point for your home office.

Turn that awkward nook you have into a functional home office!

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Neutral Tiny Home Office Nook

This adorable neutral office nook, found here, is a perfect use of dead space. If the goal of your small home office is to have it blend in, then you’ll definitely want to go with a neutral color scheme. I love the look of a chunky floating desk paired with a matching floating shelf.

Turn that awkward nook you have into a functional home office!

Closet Home Office Study

If all of the home office ideas for small spaces I’ve shared so far are just not working for you, consider a converting a closet. Thats right! You can totally convert a closet into a functioning tiny home office! This is a great idea if you want to be able to hide it away at the end of the day – simply close the doors. Brilliant! This one found on Home and Garden is a perfect modern masculine workspace. I love personalized touches like hanging artwork and incorporating a fun lamp.

The perfect home office solution if you want to hide your desk clutter. Create your own closet home office!

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Home Office With A View

I tried really hard to situate my home office desk beside a window in my 900sf apartment but I just couldn’t make it work. Thats why I’m so jealous of Ashley’s tiny home office space. Just look at that window! I love natural light and I think its so important for productivity and motivation! Ashley DIY’d everything in the tiny home office including the floating desk. Impressive!

Mini DIY office with a large window.

Home Office With A Pop Of Pattern

This small home office is beautifully tucked away behind a closet door. The pop of pattern is fun and surprising! I’d stay inspired for days working out of this tiny home office!

A cute alcove office space in a converted closet.

DIY Home Office Alcove Desk

Still struggling with finding office space in your small home? Check out this DIY that will help you turn any alcove into a functional home office. Perfect for working from home, or homework station that takes up minimal space.

DIY project alert! Make your own home office in any alcove.

Shelf Desk For Small Spaces

Lastly if these options seem overwhelming, you should opt for a ladder desk. Often skinnier then a traditional desk it is easy to find space for one. Either in your bedroom, in the living room, or anywhere else you have a space 3′ space. Check out this one from Chris Loves Julia.

A shelf desk is a smart option when incorporating a home office into a small space.


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