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#SundayReset: How to hit reset and boost your mood

In partnership with Pantene Sunday is a day of rest where we set ourselves up for the week ahead and is the perfect opportunity to recharge. It’s now more important than ever to find time for self care: rest and relaxation, ready for the week ahead. Need some tips on …

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4 Tipps für Ausflüge in Stuttgart

Einfach raus aus der Stadt. Ausatmen, runterkommen und abschalten. Vor allem aus dem Stuttgarter Talkessel muss man manchmal entfliehen, um wieder Energie zu tanken. Zum Glück gibt es in der Region Stuttgart viele Ausflugsziele und Spots, an denen du herrlich abschalten kannst. Vor den Toren der Stadt findest du herrliche …

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21 Teal Nail Designs We Can’t Wait to Try

Looking for a new nail color to try? Well what about teal?! Teal is a stunning color and it can be both light and dark depending on which shade you choose. Not only that, but the stylish color suits so many other nail designs such as marble, glitter and more. …

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25 Cute Toe Nail Art Ideas for Summer

Do your toe nails need a stylish makeover? Well, this is the right place to be because today we have 25 toe nail art ideas. With summer just around the corner it is the perfect time to get your nails looking their best as you want your gorgeous, summery sandals …

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21 Stunning Lace Tattoo Ideas for Women

Choosing a tattoo design is no easy task. There are so many amazing techniques, patterns and art styles to try. One that seems to be gaining popularity are lace tattoos. Yes, that’s right – lace. So, these tattoos feature that delicate and pretty fabric design. We love this tattoo trend …

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I’ve been trying the no poo method during the lockdown

What is the no poo method? I’ve always been curious about trying the no poo method – despite the name, it’s got nothing to do with bowel movements and everything to do with shampoo, or lack thereof. I knew that it involved ditching shampoo completely, the theory being that most …

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